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Course Brief :

Have you ever heard yourself saying ‘it looked better in person than in this picture, when sharing photographs of your journeys with friends and colleagues?  The pictures we make while traveling or on holiday are our visual memories of the places we've visited. We want those images to have impact and tell a story of our journey in a way that holds the interest of the viewer.  With this online and interactive photography course, instructed by professional travel photographer and travel photography workshop leader Arlene Collins, you'll take your photography beyond "snapshots" and learn to tell the story of your travel experiences in well composed "Photographs."

This online and interactively-mentored travel photography course is designed to help you compose the strongest pictures you can, to see and capture the daily moments of life, to approach and photograph people in a meaningful way, to express the essence of a place, and to create complete stories of your travel experiences - in pictures. You’ll learn simple, key concepts that, when applied, will have you making stronger travel photographs, no matter where your journeys take you.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a captivating, informative visual story of your travels or holidays
  • Make storytelling environmental portraits
  • Create engaging travel scenes
  • Capture candid moments of people interacting
  • Find and photograph storytelling details
  • Photograph successfully in low light situations

What you will need:

  • Digital SLR or mirror-less camera with interchangeable lenses.
  • Selection of lenses ranging from wide-angle to telephoto (a good range is 16-35mm to 200-300mm). 
  • A lightweight yet sturdy tripod.
  • Computer with photo-processing software (e.g. Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop).
  • Self-motivation to get the most from this instructor-interactive course.

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