The Power of Black and White Photography

Course Brief :

While black and white photographs were among the very first photographs taken, they are now a new "frontier" in digital photography. Digital cameras record light differently than film cameras and differently still than the human eye. This black and white online photography course taught by professional photographer and workshop instructor, David Bathgate, is designed to help digital photographers see, think and express in light and shadow, black and white.  It will cover how the human eye and the camera record light and how to begin to express yourself in the scale of white, gray and black tones to produce dramatic images that speak your voice.  

In the digital age, we have many options for manipulating our photographs. But a beautiful black and white photograph is more than a color image converted to grayscale with a software mouse click or change of a camera menu. A black and white photograph begins before you squeeze the camera's shutter button.  The art of black and white photography entails the extra step of taking a world we see in color and telling it's story with only shades of white, black and gray. These online photography classes, digital photography course online beginners and their practical hands-on assignments will help you see and capture beautiful monochrome images that speak of the world the way YOU see it.


Upon completion of this online photography course, you will be able to:

  • Visualize scenes and subjects more clearly in black and white, light and shadow
  • Compose photographs in monochrome for greater impact
  • Interpret in monochrome what you see in color
  • Digitally "develop" black and white captures using computer and software

What you will need:

  • A digital SLR, point-and-shoot or mirrorless compact camera or even an iPhone or other smartphone  (Note: If shooting film, you will need a scanner to digitize your images)
  • Lenses - if you have a choice of lens, choose it according to your subject
  • Photo-editing software that can convert digital images from color to grayscale/monochrome
  • Self-motivation to get the most from this instructor-interactive course

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Category : Intermediate , Beginner
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