Virtual Photography Portfolio Review with David Bathgate

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David Bathgate
Category : Advance

Course Brief :

An honest and objective look at one’s own photos can be a frustrating and unproductive experience. It takes an impartial and experienced eye to spot strengths and weaknesses present, and then set a path to improvement.  This virtual portfolio review with award-winning documentary and travel photographer, David Bathgate, will bring you steps further to the photographer and visual storyteller you want to be.

David is an experienced teacher and workshop facilitator who seeks to bring out the very best in every photographer, regardless of level. Whether you’re an aspiring pro about to knock on the editor’s door, a keen amateur seeking improvement, or somewhere in between, this virtual portfolio review opportunity is for you.


What you will gain from this professional portfolio review:

  • Experienced insight and advice to better your photography and advance your craft.
  • Greater confidence in your own skills and abilities as a photographer

Your one-on-one virtual photography portfolio review includes:

  • Written critiques of your submitted 12-image portfolio.
  • A one-hour Zoom or Skype discussion of your submitted work, focusing on what is working, what is not, and how to improve your photography going forward.

What you will need:

  • A ready photography portfolio of 12 digitised images.
  • A Zoom or Skype account

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