Women Photographing Women: Exploring the Female Perspective NEW / COMING SOON !

Course Brief :

Wanting to learn more about the art of photography and the power of a woman behind the lens? This online photography course taught by renowned woman portrait photographer, Farzana Wahidy, is the perfect way to do just that! You'll learn techniques to best capture the feminine persona of women. This inspiring interactive course, exclusively designed for women photographers, will provide you with the knowledge and skills to create stunning images that portray the beauty and strength of women - at any age. Through example and hands-on lesson assignjments you'll learn how to create beautiful, powerful images that explore the female experience, all while having the opportunity to develop your own unique style of "woman photography." Enroll today and learn how to empower women through the lens of a camera!


Upon completion of this online-interactive photography course, you will be able to:

  • Effectively apply the fundamentals of portrait photography - lighting, posing and composition to create artful and meaningful images of women.
  • Establish an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to creating beautiful, authentic portraits of women.
  • Use light and shadow to capture women's emotions
  • Apply post-production techniques to create images that empower and speak to the unique female experience
  • Experience the development of your own personal style as a portrait photographer of women

What you will need:

  • A film or digital SLR camera, or any smaller point-and-shoot / mirrorless camera. Note: If shooting film, you will need a scanner to digitize your images.
  • Lenses - primes or zoom in the 28 - 85 mm range.
  • A basic understanding of your camera’s controls.
  • Photo-editing software (e.g. Adobe Lightroom).
  • Self-motivation / discipline to get the most from this instructor-interactive course.

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