Meeta Khurana-Wolff

Meeta Khurana-Wolff

A food photographer and stylist, Meeta Khurana-Wolff has been living in Germany for the past 20 years, currently in the culturally rich city of Weimar.

Meeta’s love for food photography stems from her obsession with food itself and she combines these two passions on her multi-faceted blog - What’s For Lunch, Honey? - has been nominated for several awards and can also be found on the Times Online's Top 50 Food Blogs. Her photography is represented by Wonderful Machine and has been featured and recognized in magazines and websites around the world.

Meeta’s perspective on food photography and styling is unconventional and she is not afraid to break certain rules to capture the perfect shot. With her distinctive photography and styling she has paved a professional career in food photography and styling over the past 8 years. She is regularly commissioned to work on photography features and projects for many renowned German and European food magazines and cookbooks. Her own personal passion is keeping the image as natural as possible, using natural light and food that has not been “treated.”

Since 2011, Meeta been regularly giving intensive and hands-on food photography and styling workshops around the world always for a limited number of participants to ensure each participant receives the best guidance and attention from her. Her sold out workshops have taken place in Tuscany, Dubai, London, Amsterdam, Dublin and Weimar. To keep a track of her workshops you can visit Meeta's workshop page.

Her photography portfolio, Meeta Khurana Wolff Photography, offers an insight into her work. And follow Meeta on Instagram.

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