Drone Photography 101: Stills and Video from the Sky NEW / COMING SOON !

Course Brief :

Not long ago capturing dramatic stills and video from the sky was the exclusive realm of corporations, news organisations, and well heeled individuals capable of covering the hourly cost of hiring a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft. Today that has changed, as more and more photographers are “taking to the sky” with increasingly affordable and easy-to-fly quadcopter drones, many of which come equipped with high megapixel cameras and 4K video capability.

Drones take the excitement of photography and motion pictures to a whole new level - for social media, landscape work, sports and leisure activities, live-broadcast events, and commercial applications of all varieties.

From placing a foreground treetop in a European castle areal scene, to video capture of auto traffic streaming down a freeway, it’s now possible to place a camera’s lens in locations impossible for most of us, just a short time ago.

Camera drones are a huge step forward for image-makers, however a "lens in the sky" is just the beginning for pilot-photographers. Capturing still and video from above requires operational expertise, attention to safety and legal requirements, and a creative “areal eye” as well. With this online and interactive course we’ve got you covered to be “airborne,” making stunning stills and dramatic videos - from above.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Complete pre-flight checks for safety and all regulations
  • Get airborne with apps and accessories to make flying, capturing and processing stills and video, a whole lot easier
  • Manually adjust drone camera exposure using your craft’s native controls, third party apps, and lens filters
  • Use a drone as a light source for your ground-based “normal camera”
  • Assess and prepare for risks - and success - of nighttime photo and video flights                 

What you will need:

  • A camera drone and working knowledge of regulations in the area of operation
  • Basic understanding of photography and how to manually adjust camera settings
  • iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet (A computer is beneficial, but not necessary)
  • Photo and video processing software
  • Extra batteries for multiple flights (most drone batteries have a flight time of 17 - 40 minutes)  
  • Patience while having fun. Like anything, drone photography takes time and practice to master

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